Community Guidelines

At United Water, we’re in the business of providing sustainable solutions for essential environmental services.   Our United Water blog is to help us engage in conversations with our all our stakeholders. We invite your participation.

About United Water Blog

Our goal is to keep you updated on what we’re doing about issues that matter to you.  We’ll be a part of the conversation, answering your questions and we’ll ask a few ourselves.  Your input and ideas for improving this blog will always be welcomed.

To be clear, the views you express in your posts are yours alone and do not necessarily represent the views of United Water. This is a moderated blog and we retain ownership of each post, we reserve the right not to post (or to remove) inappropriate comments. Please immediately report inappropriate blogs to United Water.

House Rules

When engaged in blogging activities on United Water’s blog, we ask that you adhere to the following general guidelines:

  • On-topic comments are requested, and multiple points of view are welcome; off-topic comments are prohibited.
  • Anonymous commenting is not allowed.
  • No profanity, insults, racial slurs, discrimination of any kind, offensive comments directed at a person and no posting illegal content.
  • Topics that are confidential or proprietary to United Water should not be discussed.
  • Do not use United Water logos or trademarks or any third-party copyrighted material.


Thank you and we look forward to ‘talking’ with you.