Water, the main challenge of the 21st century – Time to act!

As a world citizen, you hear words like drought, global warming, planet expiration date, sustainable development often…

You want to…

  • Act but you don’t know where to start?
  • Be involved without drastically change your lifestyle?
  • Be a part of the Resource Revolution but not spend a month’s salary in water-saving devices?

Good news: you can! And we are here to help you. For 10 years now, United Water has published Conservation Guides providing indoor and outdoor water saving tips, presenting what we do as a water services provider to protect one of the most precious resources on earth. Decreasing water availability is a global and serious issue that concerns every one of us, not only individuals but also industries, governments and companies.


That’s why this summer, we launched a social media conservation campaign #TipsToSaveWater. Our goal is to provide easy, inexpensive and original water saving tips. Along the way, we discovered the website, “Water – Use it Wisely”.

This website provides tips and devices to help you in your water saving quest. It also has an educational and creative section dedicated to children. What better way to raise your kids’ awareness than play a game?


Feel free to follow us on Twitter and Facebook to discover our tips published every Thursday all summer long. And, if you have  your own ways to save water, please share them in the comment sections below.

About Water – Use it Wisely

This communication campaign was launched 15 years ago. Since then, it has become a major campaign with more than 250 public and private water companies nationwide. The goal is to help people learn how to save water.


Find below all the tips we’ve already published:












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  1. One of the most precious resources on earth, indeed. We have to change our lifestyle immediately !


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