A Celebration of Nautical History: General Lafayette’s ship is on its way to New York City for July 4th!


20 years ago, a small group of people had a dream: build the exact replica of Hermione, the majestic vessel that allowed General Lafayette to join American revolutionaries in their struggle for independence in 1780.

As a French-American company, we have a particular fondness for this project. This 185 ft tall boat is full of history and is an important symbol for us: it demonstrates the strong collaboration that has existed between USA and France for centuries. Our company is a great example of the existing bond between the 2 countries.

The ship’s construction took several years because they wanted to build it as it would have been done in the 18th century. In April 2015, the boat set sail for the USA. Hermione arrives this week (7/1) in New York City and will stay until July 5th. What better way to celebrate Independence Day than to watch Hermione pass in front of the Statue of Liberty and welcome the boat that helped us fight for our independence more than 200 years ago?

If you want to register for Hermione’s Nautical parade, please click here.

If you want to know more about the ship or General Lafayette’s history and his contribution to the American Revolution, please visit Hermione’s website.


  1. étant originaire de la région française et de la ville de Rochefort où l’Hermione a été reconstruite ( j’ai visité plusieurs fois le chantier pendant ces années) je suis très heureux de cette nouvelle !

  2. my wife and I would like to personally thank the members of the new York suez environment team for their sponsorship of the hermione. Our son is one of two Americans making the USA trip. without such generosity the trip and visit to new York would not have been possible.

  3. Thanks for the comments Jean-Pierre and Jon. We hope you were able to actually see Hermione and enjoyed the show!


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