SUEZ Environnement debuts new North American brand at American Water Works Association trade show

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As a resource crisis gathers on a global scale, our mission at SUEZ Environnement is to enable a secure, resourceful future for all. In this context, SUEZ Environnement North America, the US and Canadian subsidiary of the second largest environmental services company in the world, is showcasing its North American water, technology and advanced network offerings under the SUEZ Environnement brand at the American Water Works Association (AWWA) Trade Conference this week in Anaheim, CA.  The AWWA Annual Conference is the largest trade show for water industry professionals in the country.


As the water industry well knows, the SUEZ Environnement group has traditionally been organized globally around two major activities: water and waste.  But to rise to global resource challenges, the group’s positioning now focuses on providing solutions, technology and services for municipalities and industries in the entire water cycle and the circular economy and supporting a North American strategy based on four essential pillars: smart water and new services; industry; recycling and waste-to-energy; and investing in infrastructure.


The new position unifies offerings by United Water’s utility and environmental services Degremont’s technology solutions for municipalities and industries and SENA Waste Service’s solid waste recycling and recovery operations in Canada.  All offerings are showcased in one booth #1715 on the AWWA Exhibition floor. Social media followers are invited to engage with @unitedwater which now bears the SUEZ Environnement banner.


Our group vision is to move cities, businesses and industries from an economy that over-consumes natural resources to one that optimizes management and use of resources.  We want to lead the way from resource crisis to resource revolution using technology and innovation to make changes in the water and waste sector as profound as the digital revolution that the world has already experienced.


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