SUEZ Environnement Issues Report on North American Sustainable Development Program


On the occasion of World Environment Day, we are pleased to share our 2014 North American Sustainable Development Report which documents progress toward social, environmental and other non-financial goals.

Through the SUEZ Environnement sustainability program and this report, we are demonstrating, with actions, that sustainable and socially responsible business is good business – and that good business is better business.

Annually, we set goals to make measurable progress towards our vision of moving cities, businesses and industries from an economy that over-consumes natural resources to one that optimizes management and use of resources. And we develop social alliances to help construct and participate in our vision for the future. With each milestone, achieved in collaboration with clients and partners, we are better positioned to lead the way from resource crisis to resource revolution.

An ambition to re-imagine our relationship with resources is central to this report which gives an honest assessment of where the company has succeeded and where we fell short of our goals in 2014. We’re pleased to report progress in water recycling and reuse; reducing greenhouse gas emissions; reducing wasted water within our distribution system, among other areas.

  • The company has continually improved upon energy goals, including a 5% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and is on track to achieve a 5% improvement in energy efficiency by 2016.
  • A 1.8% decline in non-revenue water, or water lost within the distribution system, equivalent to saving 1.4 billion gallons for the year was achieved;
  • Amidst record drought across the U.S. the company has a leading edge in reusing 12% of water that would otherwise have been discharged as wastewater.

We ask you to review our report and comment to let us know what you think. Within our own operations, we will seek continual improvement in all of the areas identified in the report. And we will look to you and other concerned citizens, readers and stakeholders to identify areas where we can help your community do the same.

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