Celebrating 145 Years of Resource Innovation

US History

As we are at the dawn of the Resource Revolution, we are humbled to look back at the contributions that we have collectively made to society over the past 145 years; as United Water, Degrémont, SENA Waste Services and Utility Service Group.

We also know that this historic moment is the latest step in our long journey to protect public resources through collaboration and business innovation.

In that journey, we were the first to use chlorine as a disinfectant (1908) and charcoal for drinking water filtration (1930).

We pioneered cutting edge technologies like the Accelator® clarifier (1932) and the first reciprocating rake bar screen for sewage plant intakes, the Climber Screen®, and have continued to build an extensive portfolio of over 50 patented technologies to solve the water challenges of municipalities and industry.

We brought automatic meter reading technology to the market (1986), built the nation’s largest ozone filtration facility (1989), began operations in solid waste in Canada (2011) and introduced the SOLUTION business model to the United States (2012).

There have been many other accomplishments as well. And we will achieve many others as we face the challenges that accompany growing resource scarcity, increased urbanization and climate change. As we look to the next 145 years, we are as enthusiastic as ever to support towns and industries in the circular economy to maintain, optimize and secure the resources essential for our future.

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