On the 40th Anniversary of the Safe Drinking Water Act


4 things we know to be true about the next 40 years in water management …

Safe drinking water is available from nearly every tap in America. Yet there are many areas across the world where this basic need is still viewed as a luxury. And when you consider that nearly 1 billion people globally lack access to water, you can understand why our environment and public health system here in America is a proud accomplishment.

We know that many take safe drinking water for granted today. But did you know that when the Safe Drinking Water Act was signed into law 40 years ago, 40 percent of our nation’s drinking water systems failed to meet even basic health standards?

Thanks to the Safe Drinking Water Act and the work and innovations of employees like ours at United Water who make the water safe and the source water clean; customers can trust their taps and businesses can reliably operate.

As we look to the next 40 years, we know that we will face different challenges and opportunities as water managers.


  • We know that significant infrastructure maintenance, repair and replacement needs exist in our service areas and in cities across the country. Municipal leaders are facing these challenges with increasingly limited budgets.
  • We know that major companies will locate where water will be clean and plentiful. Those same businesses will require innovation to develop sustainable operations and will place a premium on responsible management of this resource.
  • We know that to continue to provide safe, reliable drinking water we have to understand water issues as part of a circular economy; that returns clean water to clean water and enables waste that might otherwise pollute to take on a new and useful life – in energy, for example.
  • We know that as committed stewards of water and the environment and in collaboration with the communities we serve that we will rise to these challenges.

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