10 Smart Water Tips for Conserving and Living Green


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United Water recently kicked off our annual conservation program with the release of an annual Conservation Guide, a publication designed to promote simple methods of conserving water.  In an effort to optimize other natural resources as well, we have chosen to publish the guide for conserving water as an interactive e-book, available via our website along with 10 tips for smart water use available on local twitter and facebook channels throughout the country.  Due to the high desert climate in Idaho, additional conservation information is available for Boise residents.

The guide covers a broad range of topics involving water conservation, and even highlights notable conservation efforts made by local groups over the last year, including work from local high school students. Kathryn Hilburn, a Ninth Grade student at Boise’s North Junior High School, produced the First Place winner in United Water Idaho’s inaugural Summer Conservation Student Video Contest.

Hilburn’s entry, titled “Show Water You Care,” was judged to be the video that best communicated a strong conservation message in a clear and easily understood manner. Using simple artwork and narration, Hilburn showed the high value we place on water in our everyday lives and the consequences of wasting the precious resource.

In recognition of her achievement, United Water made a $1,500 donation to the Boise Public Schools Education Foundation for her Accelerated Biology class.  Additionally, the video will be aired on local TV stations in Idaho as part of our annual summer water conservation Public Service media campaign.

Residential water use spikes across the country during the summer months due to lawn watering.  The publication provides tips and simple suggestions on how to keep your lawn healthy and green throughout the hot summer months.  The ET or Evapotranspiration Number is provided to provide information to United Water customers about how to maintain healthy yards without wasting water.  The Index is posted weekly by location on Facebook and Twitter: @UnitedWaterID, @UnitedWaterDE, @UnitedWaterSJ, @UnitedWaterNJ, @UnitedWaterNY and @UnitedWaterPA.

While they seem obvious, the 10 tips for conserving water require a conscious effort to be mindful of water usage. For example, the guide suggests that you water your lawn during the cooler morning hours to prevent evaporation, and reminds you not to over-fertilize because it increases the need for water.

As a company, we look for ways to optimize nature’s precious resources and encourage the communities we serve to do the same.

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