Earth Day: Time for (Environmental) Spring Cleaning


Out of sight, out of mind. It’s a misguided approach which has harmed our environment since at least the Industrial Revolution. It’s allowed manufacturers to bury chemical waste by the barrel load, for cities to use rivers as sewers, for the country to neglect underground water infrastructure, and for individuals to use everything beyond their car window as one enormous trash bag.

Over the next five years, United Water will invest nearly $1 billion in water infrastructure and professionally manage many sustainable waste and environmental projects.  But building a sustainable environment and managing community water resources cannot be accomplished with one single initiative or solution. On this Earth Day, we honor those environmental leaders who galvanize communities around problems like water pollution and who lead community volunteer initiatives, which are vital to keeping waters clean.

Harm to our environment and watershed is often overlooked in the winter when fewer folks venture outdoors. Out of sight, out of mind. But then the snow melts, and we are reminded of our collective folly. Paint cans, old tires, shopping carts and who-knows-what sprout from melting snowdrifts on reservoir shores and riverbanks.

Fortunately, when spring has sprung, so, too, have environmental leaders and volunteers, looking to clean up the mess left by a long winter. On this Earth Day, United Water and its employees will participate and support spring cleanups of reservoirs, rivers and other waterways across the country.

We will canvass communities where we live and work from the White River in Indianapolis, to the Pascack Valley, Barnegat Bay and Cranbury Brook in New Jersey, to Newport, Rhode Island, to the Hudson River Valley in New York, to the Christina River and Red Clay Creek in Delaware, to the Yellow Breeches Watershed in Pennsylvania. 

While we’ve long said at United Water that making the planet sustainable is the best job on earth, this Earth Day we remind ourselves and our customers that it’s not just a job—it’s a lifestyle.

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