If you learn something, share it

Nearly 100 of United Water’s construction team members took time out from the cold and their often challenging work conditions last week to learn an important lesson from safety speaker Eric Giguere who told the story of how he was “buried alive” while working in a trench. Eric spoke candidly about his desire for everyone to learn from his experience and carried a teachable message: “If you learn something, share it. Because if you don’t share it then there wasn’t any point in learning it to begin with.”


Giguere’s message on word-of-mouth learning is an important one, and one that resonated here at United Water. We’ve found that when people think about safety in the workplace, all too often they focus only on what is going wrong. Equally important is the “Doing it Right” culture that our teams are actively working to live and promote in their day-to-day operations.


Our employees have come up with some great, innovative ways to ensure safety in the workplace, from new procedures, to new tools to make the job easier, to plain old good work practices. We share these experiences across our company and with communities where we do business to make both our workplace and our communities safer.


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