United Water Leading Water Industry Research

Research and Innovation is a cornerstone of our business at United Water. Our parent company, SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT reinvests nearly $95 million of its annual profits in water research. That is one of the largest commitments to water research in the world.

Nearly 80% of all drinking water service in the U.S. is provided by government entities and municipalities. With the exception of the larger municipal systems, most of the municipal water systems do not make substantial investments in research and innovation (R&I).

At United Water, we believe it is our responsibility to fill this void and offer expertise and resources to plan for the future and drive innovation aimed at protecting the quality and reliability of the water delivered to our consumers.

A team of United Water researchers will partner with the Water Research Foundation to test advanced treatment technologies and study better ways to remove endocrine disrupting chemicals and household products, such as pharmaceuticals and personal care products, from water supplies.

As water supplies become more constrained due to a changing climate, previously non-viable water sources may need to be tapped and treated.

Our team is pleased to partner with the Water Research Foundation out of Denver, CO, an internationally recognized leader in water research that is dedicated to advancing the science of water by sponsoring cutting-edge research and promoting collaboration. Since 1966, they have managed more than 1,000 high-impact research studies valued at more than $500 million.

In addition to United Water, the team working on the research project consists of Confluence Engineering Group, LLC of Seattle, WA; Williams McCarron Inc. of Long Beach, CA; the City of Redmond, WA’s Sammamish Plateau Water and Sewer District; the United States Bureau of Water Reclamation; the Suffolk County Water Authority in Long Island, NY; and Layne Christensen, Mission Woods, KS.

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