Two New Jersey Fire Departments Earn Top Ratings for Fire Protection Infrastructure

The City of Hackensack’s Fire Department recently earned a Class 1 rating from the Insurance Services Office (ISO), a risk assessment company.  Hackensack now joins Hoboken as the only two municipal fire departments in the state of New Jersey – and only 61 departments in the United States – to have a Class 1 ranking out of more than 48,000 that have been surveyed by the ISO.

United Water commends both departments and is proud to provide reliable water service to both communities.

Forty percent of the grading is based upon the community’s water supply, and fire protection is a key component of a community’s water infrastructure. To assess the state of a community’s water supply, the ISO surveys all components of the water supply system, including pumps, storage and filtration. It also evaluates the rate of flow the water mains provide, and reviews the condition and maintenance of fire hydrants.

This recognition serves as a reminder of the importance of good, reliable and expertly managed municipal water service.

These honors for Hoboken and Hackensack come at a time when numerous reports have shown alarming trends of underinvestment and poor maintenance of water infrastructure in many communities across the country. In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency estimates that it will take $600 billion during the next two decades to bring many community water systems back to standard.

Congratulations again to Hoboken and Hackensack, NJ for providing top-notch fire service to their residents.

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