United Water to Study Hoboken’s Aging Water System

Over the past several months, the City of Hoboken has seen multiple water main breaks that have affected the day-to-day lives of Hoboken residents and business owners. While several factors may lead to main breaks such as rising water demand and ongoing construction work, aging infrastructure has been the major contributing factor in Hoboken.

In the United States aging underground infrastructure is reaching endemic levels. Nearly 650 main breaks a day or 240,000 annually contribute to the disruption that Hoboken residents and businesses have experienced firsthand. The problem is that water infrastructure is out-of-sight, out-of-mind, until it literally springs to life and reminds a city like Hoboken of its disrepair.

United Water is collaborating with the City of Hoboken to prioritize improvements that need to be made to the aging water infrastructure, some parts of which haven’t been updated since 1860. The City of Hoboken is to be commended for tackling this challenging problem.

As a part of this collaboration, United Water has commissioned a six-month study of Hoboken water infrastructure. Once the study is completed, the findings will help the City in not only understanding its water infrastructure better, but more importantly identify immediate priorities and the integral role United Water will play in meeting the City’s rising water demand.

To conduct this study and prepare a Water Infrastructure Master Plan for the City, we have hired CDM Smith, one of the top consulting, engineering, construction and operations firms in the nation.

The Plan will be developed in three phases and will include three main deliverables, which will prioritize the capital investments.

The six-month study, which is in addition to our ongoing water operations in Hoboken, will be completely funded by United Water with no extra cost to the City.

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