United Water Commemorates World Environment Day

Did you know that tomorrow is World Environment Day? Established in 1972 by the United Nations General Assembly, World Environment Day was created to stimulate global awareness for the environment and encourage action towards creating a more sustainable world. Here at United Water, sustainable development means finding ways to preserve a precious resource like clean water forever — and meeting our customers’ needs not just today, but tomorrow.


The development of sustainable practices is a top priority for United Water and our employees. To support our commitment, we created a Sustainability Development Policy to guide our efforts towards achieving a sustained balance between economy, ecology, and social responsibility. In the coming weeks, we will be releasing our 2012 Sustainable Development Report. Similar to the 2011 Sustainable Development Report, this year’s report will showcase the outstanding successes and goals United Water achieved in 2012.


The policy is organized around 12 commitments to 4 priorities. By following through on these commitments and priorities, our aim is to preserve water resources by reducing water losses in the distribution networks, improving energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, increasing biodiversity at our sites, and empowering employees and stakeholders to participate in sustainable development.


This World Environment Day, we are proudly re-confirming our commitment to biodiversity at our sites, specifically the achievements of our partnership with Jersey City. Through the partnership, we implemented a successful Biodiversity and Wildlife Conservation Policy to educate employees on working in an environmentally sensitive manner and to promote the protection of habitat features for endangered species such as bald eagles, bobcats and Indiana bats.


This year’s Sustainable Development Report will not only present United Water’s successes in 2012, but it will also outline our more ambitious sustainability goals for 2013-2016. On this World Environment Day, we would like to remind our customers and employees that change starts with personal responsibility. As a company, United Water takes full responsibility for our impact on the environment and continually challenges our employees and policies to find new ways to minimize that impact.

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