Highlights from United Water’s Environmental Health and Safety Conference

Every year at United Water, we host an “Environmental Health and Safety Conference (EHS),” which is attended by many of our employees and prominent leaders as featured speakers.

This year’s EHS Conference was hosted by Brent Fewell, Senior Vice President of Environment, Health and Safety, in Washington D.C. We were honored to have several guest speakers, including Peter Grevatt, Ph.D, director of the U.S. EPA Office of Ground Water and Drinking Water; Richard E. Fairfax, CIH, deputy assistant secretary of labor for Occupational Safety and Health, and Jonathan Neubauer, EHS manager for EnPro, two time winner of “America’s Safest Company” award.

This year, key topics and discussion points for the conference included EHS priorities for 2013, leveraging greater employee engagement and refining our tools to accelerate improvements in safety and environmental performance.

Much of the offsite focus was on deploying best practices across the company, including the use of e-CCRs.

During the conference, Peter Gravatt emphasized to United Water managers EPA’s CCR policy change, which allows public water providers to use electronic transmission of CCRs. He further discussed how important it is for the public to have access to drinking water quality information 365 days a year.

United Water customers who do not have computer access or do not wish to receive electronic version of the report, paper copies of CCRs will remain a viable source of water quality information.

Richard Fairfax shared with the participants OSHA’s enforcement priorities and promoted the Agency’s voluntary protection program as a way to help improve the safety of employees.

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