Interview with Dan Sugarman, Vice President of Marketing and Strategy



Recently, Dan Sugarman, VP of Marketing and Strategy for United Water, partnered with Sustainable City Network to host a webinar on United Water’s ‘Solution’ model and how it is working for the City of Bayonne, New Jersey.

As we shared with you in our earlier posts, ‘Solution’ brings together United Water technical innovation and water system management expertise – along with private equity investment for new capital investment in municipal water infrastructure – to address the water challenges that many municipalities face in financing and maintaining their water and wastewater systems. ‘Solution’ was announced at the 2012 Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting, where it was recognized as a featured innovation.  Read more about “United Water ‘Solution’: Investing in America’s Future”.

We briefly chatted with Dan about the webinar, United Water’s participants and feedback he received. Below are key excerpts:

What was the main purpose of this webinar? 

The main objective of the webinar was to build awareness of United Water’s ‘Solution’ model online by using various digital and social media channels. Through these channels we aim to reach audiences that we don’t manage to via traditional communication platforms. Webinars like these provide us with additional opportunities to reach out to community leaders, regulators and industry experts that are committed to addressing the water challenges in our country. By partnering with Sustainable City Network, we aim to reach key target audiences and inform them about ‘Solution’ and how it can help them address their water and sewage structure challenges.

Who all can benefit from the webinar?

While anyone can benefit from this webinar, its content is specifically created for municipal and business leaders, members of the regulatory community, industry consultants and investors who are interested in finding innovative ways to address water and wastewater infrastructure challenges. The webinar focuses on how we can help municipalities in unlocking the full potential and hidden value from their water and wastewater assets – and further invest in these assets.

What was the rationale behind partnering with Sustainable City Network and how does United Water’s ‘Solution’ fit in? 

Sustainable City Network provides municipal professionals with quality and timely information on sustainability products, services and best practices. It also provides a wide range of content and collaboration tools that can be accessed online. The network’s readers include city management and elected officials, academicians, business leaders, regulators and vendors who provide sustainability products and services, which makes them a natural partner.

What was the kind of questions/feedback you received from the webinar attendees?

During and after the webinar, I received positive and encouraging feedback from audiences including feedback from former regulatory officials, consultants, and think tanks members. They commended ‘Solution’ and believe this has opened many doors for further dialogue. There were also a few questions during the webinar, most of which were related to the structure of the deal and return on investments. Overall, it was a great session and encourages us to conduct more of these in the future.

We thank Dan for taking the time to speak to us.

You can download Dan Sugarman’s webinar for free on If you would like to learn more about United Water Solution model or have questions for Dan please leave them in comments and we’ll be glad to answer them.

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