At United Water we value strong educational programs – and Adopt-A-School is only one of the ways we work to help build such programs. The program is a year-round initiative designed to provide individual assistance to students through mentoring and job shadowing.

We started this program in 1994 and since its inception, more than 350 students have participated in Adopt-A-School program. This program allows students from various high schools to receive one-on-one mentoring with the staff as well as learn about personal finance, etiquette and environmental issues.

At United Water Idaho, we’ve adopted a school district! And by giving Boise area high school students real-world experience in the water industry, we provide better one-on-one mentoring for students. United Water Indianapolis has offered summer internships to select Arlington High School juniors, seniors and recent graduates for almost two decades.

Adopting a school puts our employees directly in touch with students who can benefit from our expertise, especially in the fields of science and the environment. Students also receive hands on training in the areas of office administration, collections, engineering, supply chain management, laboratory, maintenance, and operations.

As a part of Adopt-A-School program our employees also volunteer to share with students employment skills, experiences and information necessary to make future career and educational decisions. The Program concentrates on the importance of good work ethics, a positive attitude, communication, adaptability, teamwork, attention to detail, and attendance — necessary skills that are often lacking in today’s workforce.

If you are interested in learning more about our Adopt-A-School program you can contact Treva Lloyd at 317.639.7020 or e-mail

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