Our Commitment to Environmental Excellence



Sustainable development means finding ways to conserve natural resources so that we have them not just today, but tomorrow. As our water resources become more stressed and precious, it’s important to establish long-term solutions to address our water needs. That’s why at United Water we have adopted a sustainable development plan based on four priorities and 12 commitments. Our efforts started in 2005 and since then have been an integral part of our business strategy. Here is a snapshot of our priorities:

Four Priorities:
1. Conserve resources and engage in a circular economy
2. Innovate to respond to environmental challenges
3. Empower our employees as actors of sustainable development
4. Build our development goals with all stakeholders

Twelve Commitments
1. Reduce, reuse, recycle
2. Manage water efficiency
3. Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
4. Improve energy efficiency throughout all operations
5. Increase and promote renewable energy generation
6. Incorporate biodiversity into site management
7. Foster professional knowledge
8. Continuously strive to improve health and safety in the workplace
9. Commit to diversity
10. Maintain an active dialogue with our stakeholders
11. Be a key actor of local sustainable development
12. Provide regular and easily accessible information about our sustainable development activities

If you want to learn more about our environmental initiatives please click here.

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