United Water Completes $52 Million Upgrades to Riverside Plant in Rhode Island

Last week we completed the infrastructure upgrade at United Water’s City of East Providence Water Pollution Control Facility. To celebrate the $52 million upgrade of our 54-year-old facility in Riverside, we held a dedication ceremony that was attended by local community members, city representatives and United Water executives and employees.

As a part of its first major upgrades since 1998, we made extensive improvements to the plant to ensure operational efficiency. The plant is now equipped with advanced technology, including two new odor control systems, that help reduce and purify odorous gas emissions. We also upgraded the Collection System at the facility to increase its capacity and eliminate sewer system overflows.

The upgrades are expected to not only improve water quality in the Providence River and Narragansett Bay, but also save the city an estimated $13 million. Since beginning work on the upgrades in 2010, we would not have been successful without the support and collaboration of the East Providence community. The strong bonds we fostered with the local community were evident at the ribbon-cutting ceremony where we were honored to have Bruce Rogers, Mayor of East Providence, and many others at the event.

In his statement Mayor Rogers said, “The health of our City and its people depends on the health of our environment. The improvements at the treatment plant will go a long way to accomplishing this goal.”

United Water CEO, Bertrand Camus, who also attended the dedication ceremony, had the following to say about the upgrade:

“We’re excited to be part of this solution that helps East Providence meet its goal of providing efficient and sustainable waste water service to its residents. In addition to improving the facility, we are also proud to have built strong community partnerships throughout the City. The restoration and repaving of the East Bay Bike Path has provided environmental and community benefits for the City.”

We are thrilled to have successfully completed the project upgrades at United Water’s Riverside plant and see this as another milestone in achieving our own environmental and sustainability goals.

If you want to know more about the details of the upgrade you can read about them here.

United Water Rhode Island Dedication

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