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Welcome to United Water blog. This blog is an effort to start a conversation around our planet’s most precious resource – Water.


At United Water, we believe water is vital to every aspect of life and everyone should have access to safe drinking water. Since our founding in 1869 as Hackensack Water Company, we have been working hard to achieve one goal – provide clean drinking water and to treat wastewater so it can be safely used to replenish rivers and streams. Today we do this in American communities where we operate water systems that serve the needs of 5.7 million customers.


In hundreds of U.S. communities in between, our 2300 employees are focused on providing you with water that is safe to drink and wastewater management that is efficient and environmentally sound.


On this forum we will share our stories. We will also talk about news and developments in areas of water management, the emerging water challenges in our country and how we can tackle them in new and innovative ways.


We’ll forge these connections by sharing ideas, answering your questions and asking a few ourselves. We also hope to connect people interested in learning more about United Water and keep them updated on what we’re doing.


Please consider this blog a connection point to our company and our people. Your input and ideas for improving this blog and continuing our conversation will always be welcomed. And yes, do take some time to familiarize yourself with the blog house rules so that we all are on the same page.


  1. I find it very refreshing to see the traditional water utility industry move into social media in this type of forum. I’m a United Water employee and think this is a great tool to communicate with our customers and stakeholders!

    • I am a United Water employee and also am excited about our company expanding communication avenues to include social media. I look forward to learning from increased interactivity this facilitates.

  2. The step into social media is a big one, which I am personally happy to see us take. The positive outcome I hope will reflective in our Word Cloud and in our company reputation of the outstanding services that we provide to our customers. As a leader in these services we should be on the social media cutting edge!


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